A little about my family….

Are you reading this?

Well… Hello there, glad to meet you.

You want to know about me and my family?

My family is irreplaceable. Starting from the biggest to smallest as my daughter always states. Is daddy in the top right corner, he is our breadwinner. He is the man with a heart of gold. In the top left corner we have mommy (that is me), she keeps the house together and flowing somewhat smoothly. Now for the kids that keep us parents on our toes! Kazeha-Lee, the oldest of the bunch, lives with her grandparents/father. Alayah, in the bottom right corner is our first together and she is quite the spice to your cup of hot cocoa. Her passion right now is watching dance shows and trying to mock all that she sees. She also enjoys soccer and gymnastics. Did I mention she acts like a puppy, nearly all the time? Elijah, our second born, bottom left corner and he is feisty. You must keep your guard up at all times with him around. Yes, ALL GUARDS. Your face in front of his is asking for a full blown head pump. He is a climber, head butter, and all around a goofy man.

But, like a lot of families we have pet(s). Strider is our German Shepherd. He is still a puppy who seems to enjoy baseboards but only the corners of baseboards. We seriously order him the BullyBox, monthly. Yet, he still prefers everything, but, his toys. So, what we did. We logged into the internet world and looked up a friend for him. We find him a girl, who will join us Christmas 2017. Her name will be, Octavia. Can you think where we scored this name from? I am not going to spoil it, but it was not statue.

Do you have something you would like to know? If so, comment and I will update this post to add it. 🙂