Meet Bellamy.

This here happens to be Bellamy. We traveled three hours to get him and than three hours home. 

So, what made us get another dog? While we are crazy for one. Another reason, Strider. We felt he needed a friend.

To this moment. I have cleaned up at least 6 accidents, this reminded me that I am crazy for getting a puppy. I already wipe a poopy bum daily. 

The faces he makes though, I tell you. They melt your icy heart. Seriously, look?!

Strider + Treadmill

So, October 4, 2017 I came home from work to our house. Strider has free roamed half our house since July, JULY. This was my surprise.

Secondly, he gets walked and visits the dog park as a normal routine. I finally caved and decided to treadmill train him. I had a Rottweiler before, she was easy to train. I thought, this will not be hard. Got him on, left him hooked up (did not have proper stuff, improvised). 

After what felt like forever for my bored German Shepherd. I started it up, little freak out, but boom walking like he had down this million times before. This will help him relieve twice the energy as our walks, even though we switch them up, they are not enough for him. Clearly.

Trust me, I was mad.

Pumpkin Festival!

I took my kids to the pumpkin festival outside our city. They had pumpkin bowling, pumpkin frisbee, pumpkin gold, pumpkin throwing and more. Each game involved a pumpkin. My daughter enjoyed them. My son, well he wanted to break them up.

Each time you play a game you have  chance of winning a pumpkin. Well, my daughter did so well she filled up our wagon in no time with pumpkins. It got to the point I had to carry my son and diaper bag, thank god it is a book bag!

There were horses, not ponies, horses that the children could also ride. As well, tractor and horse drawn wagons. 

Now, I have pumpkins hiding in mt basement until Halloween where we will crave them up. After craving they will be placed on our stairs outside.

Like any festival there was food. Everything regarded some form of pumpkin. Even pumpkin soup, yes soup. Everything, even the pumpkin donuts tasted great. That soup, I have no word to describe how it made me feel.

If there is a festival in your area, tell me about it.

Can I set up my Christmas Tree?

Yesterday, I was cleaning up the house. Wiping handles on everything. When I sat on the couch and thought, “I really want to set up my Christmas tree”.

I was never really a fan of Christmas until I had kids. I pretty much hated Christmas.

However, looking in my living room thinking where I could put up a Christmas tree is what I did for at least twenty minutes of my time. Why is it only September?

The love of your children.

Friends can come and go without a trace or may leave a valuable lesson behind.

Your children, they will be there until the day you draw your last breath. Treasure each moment. Be their friend and mother. Nuture and guide them. Laugh and be silly together. Show them the way of life, help them up after life throws them a curve ball. Be their shoulder. One day, they might be all you have.

When they come home from their first heart break. Be there, not half there. Listen. Hold them. Watch a movie. They will remember the support you gave them. When they return home from school, talk to them. Listen to their stories, even if they make no sense. Make time for the people you brought into the world. One day, they will be the one to hold you while you leave the world for the spiritual earth.

Yes, we get exhausted. Just keep trying. Be the role model you wish you had.

The lesson I have learned, is people can love you. But, the love of your child is incomparable to any other. So, love them deeply and completely.


(Random rant in my mind – needed to express)