Achievement Challenge – World of Warcraft

Alright, so this was requested by my spouse to write about the challenge we have between us. Yes, CHALLENGE? What kind? You know the kind if he is ahead I have to find out what he did and complete them. Then do more, to stay ahead. Rinse and repeat this between us both.

Even being in a guild, we are competing to be number one. It honestly started out with – “Not cool, you did that without me?” “Why did you not ask me if I wanted to come?” “Whatever – do whatever you want.”

Right now, sadly, he is ahead by 100 points. Can you guess which area? If read my last post, you caught that he does a lot of player verse player (pvp). This category has a lot of achievements. Even though, he is silently ahead of me. I plan on working on reputation achievements, like Ogri’la. I am seriously 10 days away from being exalted with them. Good luck there dear! That is some serious reputation grind. Good thing he will not read this and not my plan on passing him. That is what you get when you request me to write something! Ha!

But, we do ‘some’ things together. Like, you know, those darn achievements Blizzard made you need a few people to do? I sadly, carry his bum through them. I say carry, because I do all the work. From searching to performing whatever task it is that needs to be done in order for a completion. Other achievements are old content raids, I play a feral druid and he plays a retribution paladin. Some old content requires speed killing – like in the Dreanor area. He kills faster as he is instant damage and myself it is all over time, mostly. So we do those together, well I use him (but shh…).

We do new content stuff as well, but I try to accomplish category by category. Excluding the player verse player, I do those on days I am seriously bored and have nothing better to do but hope that allaiance is on their game that day. Which may I add, never are. Or join my guild rated battleground team hoping we accomplish some hard acheivements like claiming everything or winning 0 to 1500 or whatever. I can have hope and dreams for these to happen, right?

He also does category by category, but gets bored easily. So, he sticks to accomplishing all the player verse player achievements. He knows if claims them all, he will be ahead for ages (pfft, keep dreaming dear).

It is a race to getting them all. This race will not end until we (I mean me – as we all know I will win this) get them all.


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World Of, yes. Warcraft.

Have you played a game and than got hooked? Maybe it was ‘Jeweled’ or ‘Candy Crush’. Mine happens to be a video game that you play on a computer, now any computer works. I used to play on an old computer(Big white screen and accessories). I started playing this back in 2009, when my ex would constantly play on his warrior. He made me become his priest and that is what I did. I continued this ‘addiction’ even after we split up till now, with no intentions of stopping.

This game is built up of numerous people that you can meet across the world! I have met people from Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia right down to Australia. To bad we can not just teleport to destinations like a mage, I could meet my guild mates.

Okay, I am not the ONLY one guilty of this addiction in my household, our daughter also plays occasionally – we are teaching her the basics. She bugged us, until we caved and allowed her on. Now, who else in this household would you think is addicted? The baby? Nope. My spouse. I got him into this game roughly in 2013. Since then, addiction to player verse player game style. We play here and there, but when he plays it is all about getting super good so he can play in a Blizzard tournament.

We do play together, but when we do it is a constant reminder I am playing for fun. Yes, constantly have to remind him I am not playing to join in on no Blizzard tournament. We grind achievements together. Section by section. We finished grinding, I mean I finished grinding our Legion flying. Just like I do the typical grind for our gold so we can get things. Okay, I do any grinding and looking up information for an achievement that is needed.  He claims it is to boring and gives up instant fast. Just like the queues are for a tank, instant fast.

My spouse could play this game ALL night and still go to work for 8:00am the following day. If he has side work he will do that and still come home, after kids are done and tucked in, play some more. He loves it. We claim it is good down time and a great activity for us both to do together. Though I typically head for the bed at 11:00pm. It is a great game for us as a couple to get together and relax while playing. Guess what? Met many couples on the game that do this!

I take this addiction just like those that sit on their phone and play whichever game they are hooked on. 🙂

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Brad ‘dam’ Paisley!

Have you been to one?

Last night, Brad Paisley and his two openers ‘Lindsey El (I even go a selfie with her) and Chase Bryant(Have not heard of him, seriously look this hottie up! Watch Grey’s Anatomy? Seriously does he not look like Mark Sloan?) came to my city. I received tickets to this months in advance, around the time they came out. So over the course of months, my hype for this was raising!

So, I am an bit of an early bird when it comes to going places like concerts. I arrive usually an hour to a half early. Stand in line, usually always within the doors (I learnt my lesson you want to come early enough to hide in the doors – because if it is a Canada winter and your outside those doors in a cute outfit. Your going to FREEZE). But, sometimes the attire can be a surprise. Seriously. A SURPRISE. What am I talking about, what does ‘a surprise’ even mean. Here is a quick example of an outfit: Bra type shirt (seriously looked just like a bra) and shorts (you know that one that barely covers the bum) or a dress that is lace and see through so you see the black bra and panties. Those are what I call ‘a surprise outfit’. So I am waiting beside of bunch of surprise outfits when the door finally OPENS. Then I rush over to buy this $35.00 dollar cowboy looking hat, pink and with his name tattooed right on the rim.

Finally, I am ready to sit down and enjoy the show. Before I forget, trying to find your sit in complete darkness is hard work. Nearly a work out getting around people if your seat happens to right in the middle!

Lindsey El comes on first, she gets the little crowd a bit pumped. Her music needs to be your taste to enjoy it. She tells the crowd to meet her after to get autographs and a selfie with her. Chase Bryant. Some good eye candy for us ladies as he has the voice of a god. Now, because this a Brad Paisley concert. What do you think the crowd mostly consists of? You guessed it, girls. The crowd goes crazy and Chase has accomplished pumping the crowd up for the big guy, Brad.


Lights go off. Now think of Knight Rider for the light theme. Yes, I mean the car from Knight Rider. Bam lights are on and spotlight is BRAD! Concerts goes until roughly 10:20pm. He makes it worth your time. He gave a tribute guitar to a little boy with red headphones on that was in the floor area. Brad announces to all that this little boy said thank you, before even getting it.


Concert is done. What does he throw to the crowd at his feet? (Drum roll, please) His lovely white hat that has sat on his head the entire concert. Imagine seeing the reaction to area it went too. Crowd of angry monkeys trying to get the last banana. It is done, but now it is a race to the autograph area. I can not leave without a free autograph and a selfie?! Come’ on! Thankfully, I made it with roughly 20 some people in line before me. Struggled to open the CD before getting to her. I had it all unwrapped and open one person left before me. It is my turn, turn inner little girl off.


I walk away feeling accomplished that I got my autographs and selfie. As I walk away I admire the line that seems to go half way around the stadium. Phew. Lastly, the car. We walked and walked and WALKED. Have you ever forgotten where you parked? Us too. We thought we parked in there, but nope. Walked back to the other side, nope. The darn thing was parked closer to the back! Oh and yes we even tried the whole set the alarm off. It did not go off until we were at least twenty odd feet from it. Last challenge of the night: Getting out. Have you been anywhere where there is over 9,000 other people? Gong show to get out.

Thirty minutes later. We are final on our way to our destination. HOME.

Teenie Humans.

You know those things we made?
The ones we took home from hospital, because we believed everyone when they said “It will be fun!”. What were they smoking?! FUN?!
You remember the last time you got to fall asleep and not worry about anybody waking you up in the middle of the night? or even up at the crack of dawn before even the roaster?  Yeah. Me neither.
Did I mention they even watch you poop and pee? Showers, Ha! Got those beady eyes peeking at you through the glass watching each move you do to the T!
OR those television shows you watch on repeat? Only because they love that particular episode with Sky and Everest saving the day.
OR when they get mad and start throwing Lego because it is the only way they know how to vent their anger is by throwing them square at your face.
Have you tried to lay on the couch and all of sudden you have these sticky hands pulling your freshly cleaned hair. I get that each time I shower.

Do not for get those diapers full of poop that sit on your face and laugh because they know they pooped!

However, you know when your so MAD at them and then THEY do that cute little thing that just melts your heart and you can no go on with being mad at them. Even when they drive you steps away from going insane they grab you back and save you from the insanity you nearly faced. Each and every day? These are the reasons we had kids, because even when they drive us crazy, they still hold the special part in your heart (even though they know that and pull on it at every chance).
Plus, you get to watch this ‘teenie human’ that was seriously the length of your arm grow up your height or maybe taller! That is pretty exciting (Unless your me and you wonder why dogs grow at a faster rate then humans – joking).

One thing many of us parents can agree too:
We could never change it.


Odd places to meet your rock?

I think I met what I would say is my rock in my life in an odd place. Let me know if you can relate!!

I started working at Mr. Lube back in December 2011. There, I met my person. He was my supervisor, the person who taught me all to know about oil changes. From the first day of the job, he took my breath away. Over the next few months, we got closer each day. Swapped the numbers. He invited me to a party and said I will text you the day of. Keep in mind he KNEW I never partied nor drank. So the Friday comes along and guess what? It was like he forgot about me, no text, no call, nothing (Rude right? Invite somebody and just stand them up!). I was at my guy friends house, ex whatever you call it. So I texted my person and instantly responded to me (Did you know he was patiently, just kidding, he was not patient he was anxiously waiting for me to text him all night). That night I was needing out of the bad situation I got myself into at my guy friends home. I told him all about it, as he told me all about Belize. After getting all the nasty details, this guy, I barely knew for 3 months comes and picks me and all my stuff up. Picks me up in this dirty, garbage filled red van that was broken. Safety alert! But, I still hopped into the beat up red mini van and left with him to my aunt’s place. He brought all my stuff in and stayed overnight (nothing happed). Since that day, even though we were not a couple until March of 2012 we have been attached at the hip. I swear I have a mark from us being so darn attached! and kel ex

The short story of my oldest….

I think my life is quite interesting. It all started when I had my oldest, I was a teen mother at 15! Yes, you read that right I was 15. Me and him were like how the rival cat and dogs are with each other. Not happy and constantly on each others throats! It was a negative and bad environment. So I simply left, with my daughter. I had custody of her until she turned 18 months when she was taken from me by her grandparents/father because they claimed I was not fit at such a delicate age. I fought and fought. Then I was told do all the bad they said about you and make yourself look better, by bettering yourself. So, I did just that. I took my lazy, teenage, gamer self to school daily until I graduated. Then graduating was not enough, so I took my bum to post-secondary. Completed up-to-date four years of post-secondary. Finishing my career choice with becoming an Educational Assistant. Yes, somewhere in that mixture I met my lover.

Do you have questions? Let me answer them.