Instagram Post!

So, as you can see. I created an Instagram, a couple days a go to be honest. However, last night I posted a Instagram post about how I was feeling about my business.

BLOG post

I wrote the following:
I got my first review, EVER. It could not have come at a better time.

Why? Earlier today, I started to feel like I did not have what it takes to run a business from home. That I was not cut out for it. The emotion of doubt was sweeping my mind, failure was in my mind erasing all my thoughts of becoming a successful hard-working mom from home. I may have loved the clothes and company, but I felt as if I did not have people that felt  or would ever fill the same way.

That is when she came in and brought  back in my mindset, that I do have what it takes. I need to keep going, hard work does pay off. It takes a lot of work and time.

I was almost defeated.


The thing is, we may love the items we buy in our daily lives. We need to stop and think, does the person know we love it? Did we show them appreciation? A review can also help a person that could be close to giving up.  I ask you, if you love something, make sure you let that person know. It could be the light to a dark tunnel that you never knew they were facing.


Original Instagram post:

Facebook review: – – may need to be added to find it!