Dog Park Fun! (and mad moments)



Today, we went to the dog park. This dog park takes 30 minutes or longer roughly walking with our son. Our family did 3 (THREE) laps of this place and by the time we got back to the start… THEY wanted to go A-G-A-I-N!! Are you nuts? My legs are screaming at me, “GO HOME AND REST! YOU CRAZY WOMEN”.

Though my children were upset, quick cheer up with Timbits and hot chocolate always solved the problem. 🙂

However, well at the dog park we encountered some pretty poorly trained dogs, with owners more dense than a wall.

First Encounter:
Small mixed breed (Chihuahua mix):
Owners: Family with some kids, lazy parents

We just finished our lap of training with Strider. Strider haltered at the mouth (Not able to bite) and walking at the side with glance ups every couple of seconds, type training. Back to the little dog. So, just coming up the hill this little dog greets Strider with a mouth full of shiny white teeth in a growling tone. He, as trained, ignores and walks on. Well, my spouse, who is currently pulling our son and behind us a bit, speeds up as he starts to notice a change this in this little dogs behaviour. This little dog was now NIPPING at my dogs hind legs! Owners right there seeing it ALL. Strider unable to protect himself, due to training halter. I made a hush sound at this dog, many times. Since it is NOT my dog and I did not want BEEF with this family, I started to pick up my speed. Again, THIS DOG comes charging at Strider, nipping at the rear end of my dog. MY DOG WHO CAN NOT DO NOTHING! The dad, I assume, states to son, go grab the dog. (Just “go grab the dog, mono tone, like an ugh why angry tone) Nothing happens, dog continues to go at mine. Were at a slow jog, just so your aware. I turn to look, this dog still there!! I am now furious, I yell at this dog! THAN, THAN the family urges the kid to get dog, because dog is making my walk inconvenient.

Your bad ownership skills and lack of training to your dog, made my walk inconvenient for my dog.

Second Encounter:

Black Lab Mix

Owners: Young, Pot or drunk heads?

We just started second lap and were coming up to first turn. This dog comes barking, those deep I am scary and you need to summit to me, type barks. He was on Strider (Free roaming) shoulder barking deeply. The labs body language was an aggressive type, ears back, teeth showing well barking. Strider returns to me at my side. I shun the dog away, Strider roams away. Dog comes back, right on Striders shoulder barking, ears down and tail straight out. Owners: Behind L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G!! *insert eye roll* (Mind thoughts: No wonder your dog is bad and overweight!) This happened the REST of my SECOND lap. We got to where the first encounter happened when the OWNERS decided maybe we should grab our dog who has only gotten progressively more aggressive towards my dog. If his dogs hair could stay up any more, you would be thinking Strider was dealing with a porcupine!
— I should add this dog did it to all dogs larger than him, as we walked —



Yes, I am at a dog park. But, since Strider is a German Shephard he will get the bad end if something was to ever go down. My DOG would be the dog up for grabs to being put DOWN. WHY?! Because some idiot did not train their GERMAN SHEPHARD properly, gave the rest of them a bad rep. It will always be the German Shephards fault if any of the above encounters went south.


Back to the family now.

Our final lap, went smoothly. Minus the blind dog and owner who went to kick Strider for going and smelling her blind small dog. Like lady, my dog does not know your DOG is blind?! Why bring a blind SMALL dog to a dog park with BIG dogs? Sigh peoples thinking I tell you. Back to story, Alayah got to choose all the paths we took and she quite loved it!